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Why am I coming out?

So, why am I coming out on Facebook that I am a (GULP) network marketer? There are a few really big reasons... I am SICK and TIRED of seeing people battle with sickness, illness and disease every day and thinking that the only answer to their problem is going to the doctor for prescription medications or wandering the aisles of the health food stores and asking the 19 year old behind the counter(he makes minimum wage) what they recommend for their high blood pressure; when I know that I have a better answer. I have been slowly but surely sharing the message of Genesis Pure person to person, online and over the phone for the last eight years and the message has definitely spread! I found 8 people that wanted to share this message with others and we now have over 23,000 on our team BUT I have watched as colleagues of mine (that started the same year that I did) take over the internet with things like jewelry (not life changing), makeup (not life changing) and skin care (not life changing, okay maybe it could be but not life changing like my products are). The final straw for me was when I saw that one of these said colleagues opened an orphanage with her earnings. Now don't get me wrong, my earnings have been fabulous. My residual weekly income has totally replaced what both Javier and I used to make working full time jobs but I really want to give back even more than we already do. Javier and I visited a small town in Honduras in the years, 2013 and 2014 with our church on missions trips and those trips forever impacted our hearts. If putting myself out there and sharing this gift with others will create an income stream that will allow us to give back to Monte Carmelo in Honduras, then it is worth it.

Next... I have been involved with this company for over 8 years now. I have seen thousands of people get off of their prescription medication by incorporating our message of whole health into their daily regimen. Come on now... did you read what I just wrote? What kinds of prescriptions you ask? You name it. What ailments are you struggling with? What is your family struggling with? Maybe you feel fine but you know that you family history is not good and you are concerned about what your health will look like in the future. THIS is why I am going to social media. I have walked away from practicing medicine, from writing prescriptions and performing surgery as a Physician Assistant to share this message with the world, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE SICK!

Lastly, in 2008 on a daily basis I awoke before 6am (after being up multiple times during the night with my fussy 9 month old), I left my boys daily with a nanny and was at the office by 7am to start seeing patients. It was not unusual for me to see 50 patients in a day. I did not get home most evenings until after 7pm. I was paying someone else to raise my babies. Babies that I had waited my whole life for, babies that I prayed for while I miscarried their first two siblings. 2008 was hard on my husband's career, it was hard on my career. In fact, in 2009 the doctor I had been working with for 5 years closed his entire office and moved to Texas. The best offers I could find were for less than half of what I had been making with no chance of increase for over a year. Is this what I had been working my tail off for since graduating from PA school and passing the board exam? Could I lose my job and income again in a year or two? Would I ever get to go to my boys' school events and field trips? Would I pay someone to do their homework with them as I walked in the door exhausted each night from a long day of work? I made a decision in 2008 to take a step towards freedom. I had no guarantees. I wasn't sure. There was no proof, but I had to do something, before my children grew up without me. That step paid off.

I am stepping out of the private world that I live in. I have felt convicted for quite some time that I have the answers to serious health issues, lack of time freedom and lack of financial freedom, yet I only share these answers if "God drops someone in my lap" and I have to. Now, everyone will know what I do, but isn't that why we are here? To impact the lives of others while we are here on this earth? To make a difference, to show love, to be a light, to give hope? I am sorry that I have waited so long to share this gift. If something that I have written has spoken to you, please watch the video below and join me in my quest to positively change millions of lives.

To learn more about Genesis Pure just watch this video:

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