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I help people make 6 & 7 figures from their phone


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Rachel Garcia, speaker, trainer, Physician Assistant

*Freedom from sickness & disease

*Time Freedom

*Financial Freedom

Rachel had absolutely no free time when she was first introduced to this business model. She was working 12 hour days seeing patients as a Physician Assistant in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, she had just had her second child and was running two businesses with her husband. Her brothers had asked her multiple times to take a look at their business and she had declined multiple times, she thought she knew what they were trying to show her. Then her boss told her that she was “capped out”. At 33 she couldn’t make any more income no matter how hard she worked, so she started to re-evaluate where she spent 12 hours of her day.

The health aspect of PURE is what caught her attention. Ten years practicing medicine and sometimes prescribing 50 to 60 medications per day had caused her to question if pills were really the answer to her patients’ problems. Her husband was struggling with depression, her son had severe constipation issues and her nephew had been diagnosed with severe autism that summer.

With a Masters Degree in Clinical Medical Sciences, she knew how to research and since her nephew's diagnosis, she had been researching alternative and natural treatments in her free time. The philosophy of Cleanse, Balance and Build lined up with all that she had been learning and she quickly realized, she couldn’t out research the 35 years of clinical practice that was behind the starting of this company. So she decided to get started with a wide variety of products, not expecting big changes as they were already using multiple different supplements from multiple different companies.

Three short months later, she had dropped from a size 14 to a size 6, her husband was no longer struggling with anger and depression, her son was having daily bowel movements and her nephew was speaking in full sentences. She realized that this was not jewelry, candles or makeup, these products had changed her family’s lives forever, she had to share this with others. So she started to share.

That first year she earned over six figures in income from her 1 hour a day investment of time in the business. She now works her PURE business 3-4 hours per day from home, she doesn't miss field trips and is now able to spend as much time with her boys as she wants to.

Rachel now earns a residual income of six figures per month but best of all she is truly changing lives every single day which is why she decided to become a PA in the first place. She has positively impacted more lives sharing PURE part time for the last twelve years than she did seeing patients as a PA for 20 years and she and her family literally ate their start up investment in PURE.


Whose life can you change by getting started today?


Last year Rachel 

helped over 200 people earn free trips from cruises, to lake retreats, to the Florida Keys, Hawaii & Italy in addition to weekly checks, WHY NOT YOU?

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